Karly Epp holds a Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance from Manhattan School of Music, as well as a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Music from the University of Manitoba. She has extensive experience as a choral director, educator, guest conductor, clinician, and private instructor.



Epp’s studio is focused on teaching skill sets related specifically to jazz voice. While many concepts from other styles apply (such as sight reading, ear training, and basic music theory) both the vocal technique and the approach to repertoire are unique. Lessons are tailored specifically to individual students’ needs, interests, and abilities, and may incorporate (but are not limited to) concepts such as:
• Vocal technique
• Ear training
• Sight reading
• Microphone technique
• Melodic interpretation
• Improvisation
• Transcription
• Music theory
While some students may not have experience in jazz specifically or intend to move forward in jazz professionally, what they learn in this studio will help them grow musically and adopt skills that will serve them well in any other current or future musical studies. Students who are focused on jazz performance will be challenged and encouraged to expand their understanding of jazz on both a technical and harmonic level.

Lessons can be regular/recurring, but single sessions to focus on a specific area of interest are also available.

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Having co-chaired Tempo: The Manitoba Music Conference, an annual large-scale conference for music educators in Manitoba, Canada, Epp is highly familiar with the necessary components of an effective clinic. She has been hired to present at conferences in Canada herself and has an engaging and effective presentation style. 

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Guest Conducting

Epp is an award-winning choral director. A master conductor with an ear for detail, she has acted as assistant director and guest conductor for multiple choirs throughout Canada. Her ensemble instruction has included work with school, church, and honor choirs, and she has worked extensively with groups both large and small that focus on classical, sacred, secular, pop and jazz repertoire.